Why Politicians Worldwide Are Now Embracing Marijuana Legalization ?

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Marijuana Headlines Weekly Round Up – May 28, 2016

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How To Get An Extreme Marijuana High

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Marijuana for Pets is now in the USA folks

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Marijuana Headlines Weekly Round Up – May 21, 2016

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  • May 20, 2016
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Its Marijuana headlines time folks and I hope you all had a great and stony week.  Great week for me as I got to blaze about 2 very new strains … Continue Reading →

Where Did Marijuana Come From Part 2 ?

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Where Did Marijuana originally come from?

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Marijuana Salad – Try this out for a unique high

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Marijuana Headlines Weekly Round Up – May 13, 2016

What up folks? Hope all is well and again trusting we all had a great week.  Its Friday here and am sure you know me what I’m smoking. Yes, blazing … Continue Reading →

Why are more countries now changing marijuana laws?

More than 30 years ago when I was born, all countries in the world appeared to have some totalitarian marijuana laws. Today the tides have surely changed folks .The world … Continue Reading →

Skunk #1 (Sk1) – Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain –THC 20-25%

This is a strain that is very prevalent in Europe, largely due to its “high” effects folks. Born sometime in the 1970s, Sacred Seed Company was the known first company … Continue Reading →

Marijuana Headlines Weekly Round Up – May 6, 2016

Always a pleasure to interact with you folks on this amazing Saturday, as we chit chat on marijuana headlines across the globe.  It was a great week for me and … Continue Reading →

How to beat a Marijuana Drug Test.

How to beat a Drug Test is a question i get asked a lot .Contrary to prevalent belief that marijuana is smoked strictly by unemployed, lazy and uneducated folks, the … Continue Reading →

Durban Poison (Dp) –South Africa’s Landrace Sativa Strain  THC 16%

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