RUDERALIS –The Forgotten Marijuana Strain Family

imagesWith Sativa and Indica being the more popular strains, stoners seem to have forgotten about the 3rd strain of marijuana known as Ruderalis. Somewhere along the line history seems to have neglected this enigmatic strain. Well, today I will enlighten you on this overlooked marijuana strain.  The word ruderalis originates from the word ruderal. Ruderal simply means a plant that grows irrespective of its environment being populated by humans or being affected by naturally stirring disturbances to the region it grows in. Cannabis Ruderalis originates from Russia and was discovered by a Russian Botanist known as D.E. Janischevsky. He stumbled upon this Cannabis plant in Central Russia in the year 1924. The first uniqueness he noticed was the fact that this plant was different  from the hemp varieties grown elsewhere in the region of Europe and Asia. When D.E. Janischevsky discovered the plant he also couldn’t help but notice that the plant was way much shorter than the sativa varieties and were also not as rich in THC like the Indica family. As a result of these differences , D.E. Janischevsky, would conclude that a 3rd strain of pot existed.  Some other critics believe ruderalis to be an offspring of Indica genetics that adjusted to the harsh climates and the shorter growing seasons of Asia and Europe, and specifically Russia. So even though discovered historically in Russia by D.E. Janischevsky some believe it actually came fro Asia.

Ruderalis growing in the wild

Ruderalis growing in the wild

Cannabis Ruderalis are the shortest plants in the Cannabis family and will usually only grow to about 2 feet in height .Ruderalis has very thick and robust stems. This strain also starts flowering after 30 days and usually becomes ready for harvest after about 2- 3 months. The buds from the ruderalis plant incline to be small but still comparatively chunky, and are supported by the tough thick stems. The leaves of the Ruderalis plants are also fewer and smaller in number as compared to the other cannabis family strain varieties. As a result of Ruderalis having a very low TCH level, it’s not very popular among recreation users and that’s probably the reason why many of you might not have heard of this strain family yet. This strain has also been surrounded by a lot of controversy. A recent study in 2005 concluded that Ruderalis was not really a separate species but rather a cross between Indica and Sativa which would really make it a hybrid strain.

Cannabis_Ruderalis2However the thing that’s really unique about this ruderalis is its flowering cycle that is prompted according to its maturity rather than being activated by the photo-period like Indica and Sativa strains. This plants will usually start to flower irrespective of the light cycle. As a result Ruderalis pot is often referred to as “auto flowering” strains. In conclusion this strain has really failed to be popular due to its very low TCH Levels. Many seed companies do use it for cross pollination and I believe it’s actually used to cross some other strains for medical purposes.

Well, that’s it for now folks. I wish I had had the opportunity to smoke some of this weed folks so I could give you some feedback on it, but am still to blaze some of it. Please do share this blog post with your friends and family on social media. Till next time folks, please keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded. Legalization is as sure as death and is just around the corner.If any of you folks are also in need for some paraphernalia for smoking please visit my friends at Grass City  for a wide selection . Cheers and make sure you try some Ruderalis before you knock the bucket.