Marijuana Headlines Weekly Round Up – April 23, 2016

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  • April 23, 2016
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Another week gone by folks and yes we did have some exciting marijuana updates in the week.. Progress seems to be happening more in North America but our Australian friends are actually doing very well as well in regards to marijuana progress. After legalizing medical marijuana a few weeks ago the Australians are possibly now on the verge of becoming the next continent to legalize or at least decriminalize marijuana for recreational use.  Australia has done so well in regards to moving with time in regards to marijuana legislation and I sure hope they keep going in that direction.

420 Celebrations Vancouver Sunset BeachSouth of the border, I was very appalled to note that Drug Enforcement Agency also known as the DEA, spent over $US18million to destroy marijuana plants in the USA during the year 2015. I have nothing against the DEA, as know they are just doing their job and following orders. What I have an issue with are the law makers and people in power who are allowing this to continue. Why on earth would destroying marijuana plants at such a cost be beneficial, especially during a time when more and more States are considering legalization? I would like to think that these funds could be used for other staff but I guess according to the USA law makers those marijuana files are “ so dangerous” that we need to pay so much money to extinguish  them . With 4 states currently having decriminalization laws and more going on the ballot this year to decriminalize marijuana, I have absolutely no idea why spending so much money on destroying the fields is economically favorable.

Lee Carol Brooker , sentenced to Life In Jail for growing marijuana at his sons house. WTF

Lee Carol Brooker , sentenced to Life In Jail for growing marijuana at his son’s house. WTF

On a sad note disabled America Veteran, Lee Carol Brooker an Alabama native, had his life sentence affirmed by the Supreme Court, after they refused to overturn a sentence imposed by the Alabama Court. Now this really gets me mad folks. LIFE IN JAIL FOR MARIJUANA? WTF!! Lee Carol Brooker was convicted of drug trafficking in 2014 after Dothan, Alabama police had raided his son’s home and found about 92k worth of plants in 2011. Not too sure how they determining the street value of the plants but I still believe this was a very unjust sentence. His son was sentenced to 5 years’ probation and a suspended 5 yr. prison sentence. Unfortunately for Lee Carol Booker, he had previous charges for armed robbery which he had already done time for. However, under the Alabama state law anyone with a prior felony can get a life sentence for possession of more than 2 pounds of marijuana.  I do plan on visiting Mr. Lee Carol Brooker sometime before year end, and I will surely share his thoughts on the case if he permits.

Vancouver Police turn a blind eye during 420 celebrations. Not a single arrest . Big up to teh Vancouver Police

Vancouver Police turn a blind eye during 420 celebrations. Not a single arrest . Big up to the Vancouver Police

It was also 420 celebrations this week and folks all over the world showed up at hot spots to fill the air with some fine marijuana smoke. In Vancouver we had over 100k folks at Sunset Beach and “not a single” arrest was made. I hope that serves as a lesson for those that say marijuana makes you violent. Let me also take this opportunity to thank all the Canadian police officers around Canada who turned a blind eye on this day and did not arrest anyone for smoking pot. The Canadian Health Minister also announced from of the United Nations, that Canada intends to decriminalize recreational marijuana by spring of 2017. Let me just say, I will cross my figures on that one as I’ve heard something like that before.

That’s it for this week’s weekly roundup folks.  Like I say all the time, Legalisation is as sure as death and its right around the corner folks. Let’s keep the fight going and speed up the legalization process. Please don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family. Till next time, please keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded.  Please also vist my friends  at Grass City for all you smoking paraphanelia . They currently have a sale  so dont miss out .Cheers

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