Marijuana, Sativa Strain family . What is Sativa?

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  • April 19, 2016
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Massive Sativa plants growing in the wild . Sorry folks i cant tell you where? lol

Massive Sativa plants growing in the wild . Sorry folks i cant tell you where? lol

In 1998 when I lit up my first joint, I had absolutely no idea what marijuana strain I was blazing. During the early days of my marijuana smoking lifestyle, I would continue smoking without really knowing what the ef I was really toking on folks .Eventually, I would find out what strain was actually common in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe, my country of birth, is where I lit up my first joint.  As I began to travel the world I began to be affected by various strains differently and as a result I made it a point to actually find out the reason why. It was at this stage that I actually found out Marijuana had multiple strains. I had always thought marijuana was marijuana and no varieties. Many of us today still fall in this group. Some might feel very hungry at times after smoking and at times feel very alert after smoking and at times maybe you just find yourself smiling to yourself. These are just some of the wonderful effects of marijuana folks. Today though, my focus is on the Sativa Strain Family.

Outdoor Sativa Growery

Outdoor Sativa Growery

Early taxonomic distinctions between Cannabis Plants began in the 18th century, when variances between their structure and resin production was first brought to people’s attention. Sativa plants will usually grow up to 25 feet tall, but most will stay under 12 feet. Sativa plants are better matched for outdoor growing due to the possibility of growing to almost an average tree size. Sativa strains originated in areas around the equator like Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and several African Nations. Sativas have a very wide range of flavors that range from fruity- like a fruity Thai or Amnesia, to what is recognized as the cat-piss flavor, which is more of an ammonia scent. Sativas are also very popular to growers due to their long flowering period which can reach 20 weeks at times. Sativas however, are moderately slow to start flowering and are less impacted by changes in light cycles, but once it starts going it goes on for a while, (20 weeks). Sativa strains also have low yields, so a lot of growers might stay away for that reason. As with most of the Cannabis species, Sativa is usually dried, cured, and treated into a low-moisture herb for intake. It has very energizing and stimulating effect.  Sativa strains are also known to have higher ratios of THC than CBN, which are the two primary active ingredients in Cannabis. Due to this, Sativa strains are NOT usually recommended for medicinal use, but rather for recreational. At the end of the day though, I’ll chose a Sativa Strain over Tylenol to treat any pain.

Now wouldnt you just want to have something liek this in your backyard? Imagine smoking underneath this tree.

Now wouldn’t you just want to have something like this in your backyard? Imagine smoking underneath this tree.

Sativa Strains usually have light green leaves that are long and thin, which is the conventional marijuana icon. The leaves of the Sativa types are gentle, and the seeds are even, without any marbling or flecks.  The high, one will get from Sativa strains is often described as uplifting and energetic. Due to this Sativa is great for daytime use. Some folks actually say it works very well for pain. I prefer something else for pain, so am sure we all react differently to pot...Sativa strains are really famous for providing an uplifting, energetic and “cerebral” high A Sativa high is one loaded with creativity and energy. A sativa stoner is also known to be very creative with new ideas. Ted Turner the founder of CNN is believed to have thought of starting CNN after smoking a sativa joint. Don’t know if this is actually true but I’ve heard this more than many times to “actually” believe it. A lot of artists take advantage of the creative powers of Sativa marijuana to come up with new art.  As I’m writing this blog, I do have a marijuana Sativa joint in my hand.

On top of increases in focus and creativity Sativa comes with all types of benefits folks. It is a great solution to combat work stress, it stimulates and energizes, Up-lifting and cerebral thoughts and off course feelings of well-being and at-ease. .  Popular Sativa strains include Purple Haze, and Durban Poison and Malawi Gold. That’s it for now folks. If you have time also visit  this site , as they have a great article on this matter as well  Let me get back to blazing this marijuana joint. I wish you all a Happy 420.  Please share this very informative .Stay safe, Cheers.

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