Purple Afghani (Ppa) Indica Strain –Afghanistan’s Forgotten Strain. 21%THC

Today folks, we are once again in the Afghanistan area, as we explore one of the less common marijuana strains out there.

A few nugs of Purple Afghani

A few nugs of Purple Afghani

Purple Afghani is also a very rare strain and wouldn’t be surprised if most of you are strangers to it. I got the opportunity to light a Purple Afghani joint during my last trip to Amsterdam. Not really a fan of Indica Strains but if you understand your strains well and are looking for a great Indica strain, this is surely one you need to try. Like other Landrace strains, purple Afghani could have you drooling, with its intense body high. As a landrace strain, Purple Afghani is surely a classic strain.

This strain is a landrace strain to Afghanistan, which is a country in Central Asia. Mostly when we hear of Afghanistan, it’s always about the war but never about this great marijuana indica strain. Purple Kush, which is probably the most popular strain of marijuana out there, is actually a cross of Purple Afghani. Diverse areas of Afghanistan have fostered Afghani strain variations, so there is not one lone marijuana landrace known as Afghani. I’ll stick to Purple Afghani today though.  The only negative thing I have to say about this strain, is that it makes you extremely hungry after smoking it. It’s a strain you probably wanna stay away from if you’re on a weight loss program, as u could eat a “cow thigh” after blazing it .The Cannabis plant for this strain is a wonder. It’s very strong and extremely easy to grow, with not much fear of diseases. The Purple Afghani produces very thick and heavy bushed flowers .The leaves are very dark green in color.

potnpoliticsSeed companies have also done a great job in crossing it with other strains, to bring up other strains of pot. It’s also a very spicy tasting strain and will taste very different from most marijuana strains one might light up. Besides making you as hungry as a Great Dane dog, it might also make you not wanna leave the couch. Back to back joints of Purple Afghan could have u sleeping like a baby. As soon as you wake up, you’ll want to drink some water and get back at it again.   Growers in Afghanistan are usually small scale farmers, who also plant this crop together with their families. Some have even said the Taliban might also be involved in growing it and selling for weapons. Those fuckers are a disgrace to the world and how dare they tarnish the image of marijuana. Most of the Cannabis grown in that region of the world is usually used for hashish.

That’s all I have for you on this strain folks , but be sure to click on any of the hyperlinks on this page and you’ll be directed straight to my affiliate partners who’ll be very glad to ship you some seeds for Purple Afghani . HAPPY 420 to you all and please be safe and responsible. Cheers

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