Marijuana Headlines Weekly Round Up – April 16, 2016

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  • April 16, 2016
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Pennsylvania becomes 24th state to legalize medical marijuana

Pennsylvania becomes 24th state to legalize medical marijuana

Another week just passed us folks and the path to marijuana legalization is looking pretty cool. Not much new events this week in the marijuana circles. The event that probably over shadowed all this week was probably the signing of the Medical Marijuana law in Pennsylvania. A few weeks ago I blogged on a vote in the Pennsylvania legislature that had voted in favor of legalization of medical marijuana. This week that law was actually signed into law by the State’s Governor. This has made that state the 24th state in America to legalize medical marijuana.

PotnpoliticsIn the United States Marijuana Capital, Colorado, a debate is now emerging on whether the state government should sign a law allowing kids with marijuana prescriptions to take their medication to school. As it stands currently, the law permits students who need medical marijuana to use edible forms of marijuana in public schools as long as the school districts are ok with it. Unfortunately this really doesn’t help as no school district actually allows it. Currently the only state that allows this in USA, is our in shape Governor’s, Chris Christie state, New Jersey   . I can understand the concern about marijuana in schools but it’s no different than allowing kids with diabetes to go to school with their syringes. I support kids with marijuana prescriptions to take their meds to school as long as some sort of supervision is carried out .

potnpoliticsAs the marijuana legalization movement moves on, it was pleasing to also note that this past week polls in New Zealand showed that a WHOPPING ¾ of the Kiwi population supports medical marijuana as well. As a democracy I do see a new law being passed in New Zealand soon folks. Sadly the path to legalization always seems to start with medicinal marijuana first then eventually talk of recreation legalization will kick in.  However,every gain is important and we should take it with a smile folks. Am sure activists like Ken Morgan   agree with me, I’m sure recreational marijuana will be legalized soon on that  Kiwi Island.

It was also great news on another island after parliament passed Medicinal Cannabis Bill  2015. This historic move meant that Victoria will become the  first state in Australia to make medicinal cannabis available to people with exceptional circumstances. Even though this bill will actually start kicking in early 2017 it was great to know that children with severe epilepsy will be given first access to medicinal cannabis. The government assigned the Office of Medicinal Cannabis to oversee the manufacturing and all clinical aspects of the medicinal cannabis framework… This Office will work with clinicians, doctors and general practitioners to help them understand their role in prescribing medicinal cannabis, and with patients and families to educate them about medicinal cannabis and eligibility for the scheme.

Farmer stands nest to a hemp field

Farmer stands nest to a hemp field

Much closer to me, south of the border, Missouri House voted to legalize the growing of industrial hemp. The House voted with a 123-29 in favor of the bill, meaning its now on its us way to the senate and I will surely keep you updated on any new developments on this issue. Looks like Hemp is finally coming back folks and we might be kissing cotton goodbye.

These were some of the headlines in the marijuana world this week folks. Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a great 420 this Wednesday. Sure hope you have a lot of fun as we all blaze in support for a total legalization of marijuana . Be safe and till next time, cheers.

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