Colorado’s Gas & Grass Now Open Folks

  • By Trevor
  • April 13, 2016
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gas-nativeMid-week is here folks and sure hope your relishing that marijuana just like I am. Just thought I should share something very unique, I just found out this morning from a friend of mine in Colorado. Remember my last blog post was about how marijuana is making a lot of folks very wealthy over night? Well, I don’t mean to burnish it in again but just had to share this with my followers, as some of you might not be aware of it. It was a shocker for me, when I found out that Colorado Springs now has some new gas stations, known as Gas and Grass. Yes folks, I’m not stoned, am serious, they now have Gas and Grass Gas stations in Colorado. Gone are the days when we had just the tedious gas stations, the world now has some gas stations where one can fill up their tank, then also fill up their marijuana prescription on location. I know marijuana can create some creativity, but I never saw this one coming.

POTNPOLITICSDenver based Native Roots are the inventors of this exclusive business model and I have a feeling they’ll be smiling all the way to the bank. Native Roots has 2 of these locations in Colorado Springs, one at West Uintah and 17th Street whilst the other is at Academy and Galley. Native Roots currently has over 10 dispensaries in Colorado and this new addition just favors their balance sheet more.  The Grass part of the business will have a separate entrance and must follow all the same rules and restrictions that apply to all other medical marijuana stores in Colorado. The Gas part of the business operates like other regular gas stations. On top of the enticing marijuana products they offer, they also sell marijuana themed clothing and souvenirs.

POTNPOLITICSAll medical clients for Native Roots receive a FREE tank of gas and a discount gas card that will earn them a 15 cent discount on each gallon of gas, when they purchase something from the dispensary. If you chose not to be a member of Native Roots Dispensary, but just want to give them some business, then you’ll get .05 cent discount when you purchase something from the dispensary So, as I congratulate Native Roots for this massive idea, I edge all visitors in that region, to at least visit that place as I feel it’s a worthy monument, especially during this stage of the battle for marijuana legalization.

That’s it for now folks, just wanted to share this amazing news with you. I will say it again folks, the marijuana bubble is going to make a lot of folks very rich, especially if you can become as creative as Native roots. Also if making money from marijuana legally is the path you want to go, then PLEASE visit the folks at  Green CulturED, the world’s top marijuana online college. Take the necessary courses that will prepare you for this industry. They have such a wide range of courses ranging from very basic stages of growing all the way to the laws of getting into the marijuana industry legally. So till next time folks, keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded. Take care.

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