Hindu Kush (Hk) -Pure Indica Landrace Strain

Afghan+Cannabis+Farmers+See+Crop+Prices+Rise+1qju2y6DYZ3lIts Saturday folks and it’s that time again when we explore one of the many marijuana strains the world has been consecrated to have. This week we are somewhere in the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan as we explore one of the worlds most respected Indica Strains i.e. Hindu Kush. This much esteemed Landrace Indica Strain was named after the mountain range that stretches for about 500 miles between the countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan. At times this strain is also referred to as Afghanis. This is a landrace strain meaning it’s one of the much older strains one can ever get on earth nowadays.

This strain was initially grown by the locals Arabs for Hashish. The hashish made from this strain is also known to be very “potent” .Remember of cause that when stoners say potent we really are referring to the THC level. There is NOTHING dangerous about marijuana as far as I’m concerned.  Some folks who might still be new to marijuana but find themselves opined against the coach after blazing this startling strain. Immobilized to the couch not because you can’t get up but because you just feel so good after taking some hits u just want to chill and relax. The high has a compulsive, “close to light out effect”, though it is a calm and introspective high as opposed to one where the consequence is a comprehensive freeze of the brain. This strain is very resistant to pests. However if grown in a different regions it might not be so impervious. Anything outside its natural habitat will always tend not to do as well  .It has very low yields but its potency seems to make up for the low yield as one would need to smoke less in order to get stoned or in order to get to cloud 9 folks.  Today it is still visible in the mountain range area, but it’s used more for hashish aka hash. Marijuana smoking in that part of the world is not as common as hashish smoke.

Hindu Kush has a very inimitable taste which just seems to further distance its self from so many other strains…  It is also one of the main strains that are responsible for a vast majority of the hybrid strains that the Dutch now have in their lovely country. potnpoliticsA lot of strains have been cross pollinated with Hindu Kush As a result it forms part of the genetic compendium of many modern award-winning skunk-style weeds. Due to its very strong couch locking strain, Hindu Kush has been used to create other less potent strains and even stronger ones at times. Indica strains are not very popular among adults  .Just like many strains in the Kush family, most of the top leaves tend to curl and twist symbolizing that a plant is being burned by nutrients or heat, or suffering from other maladies. Am sure a lot of you are aware of the weather in that region where this strain has originated from.  Hindu Kush seeds produce bushy plants, very short in height-about 1 meter in height, with very green, palmate leaves on thick stems. The buds tend to be on the large side and become sticky with resin as they develop. THC level of real Hindu Kush can be just over 20%. However due to being grown in different regions nowadays the THC and taste of the flowers might not be as consistent. Like other landrace strains this strain will do best when grown outdoors but if you set conditions right it can be grown indoors and be almost as successful as outdoors at times.

Marijuana mixed with maize . This method is sued to try and hide the pot from the authorities

Marijuana mixed with maize . This method is sued to try and hide the pot from the authorities

As we linger the fight for legalization it does make it rigid at times to know where one can buy a certain strain when hankering it. This is why we all have to push for a full legalization universal law that will enable stoners to smoke in peace. This would enable more assortment strains to be available when one thinks of lighting up a joint. However, you can actually buy marijuana seeds legally today. My affiliate partners at Sensi Seeds in Netherlands can make it happen for you. These folks have Hindu Kush Seeds available, so if you want a taste of Arab weed in your basement or garden please check them out. They’ve been in the business for a very long time and are a registered tax paying company in Netherlands .Please be sure to check your local laws in regards to growing. I will be covering more on this topic after my return from the 420 celebrations in Vancouver. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded folks.  Till next time cheers and take care. Don’t forget to get you Hindu Kush Seeds. Also please check out this article on Hindu Kush by one of The top marijuana magazines  High Times

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