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POTNPOLITICS 420 COLORADO420 month is here folks. Most of you probably have some gigantic plans for this special juncture in a stoner’s schedule.  Some will be in Amsterdam, some Colorado, others San Francisco and some even in places like the Middle East. It’s always a great time when we congregate and spark that light at 4.20pm on the 20th of April. After spending last 420 at work, I’ve made it a must that this year that I be in Vancouver at Sunset Beach for the celebration. Now, this event is usually at the Arts Gallery but the venue this year has been changed due to the owners closing down and also the organizers have decided to go with a bigger location.

My original plans were to head to Amsterdam but as I’m going to be in Amsterdam in November for the Cannabis Cup, I decided to maybe stay at home and enjoy with fellow countryman. Folks, 420 is also a time when we get to protest prohibition and stand for what we know should be legal. In Vancouver the police have been very cooperative with the stoner crowd and usually a blind eye is turned to the smokers. Here and there you will get some stray lost drunks who might cause some trouble, but the police are usually very quick to move them away. Will be making the long trip to Vancouver the weekend before 420.

The organizers of the even in Vancouver are members of Canada’s Marijuana party, whom we will talk about in the weeks to come. These guys have done a lot to support legalization and I know they put a lot to bring the 420 celebrations to perfections all the time. The event usually starts late morning and goes all day into the evening. Some artist usually entertain the crowd and various contest are also in place for those with luck that might want to win something. Folks from all walks of life, brace this event and no one really feels out of places. From 18 year olds to senior citizens everyone is there just having a blast. If you are in Vancouver or the BC area please stop by and experience this great event.

Vancouver 420 Event

Vancouver 420 Event

After the days celebrations I’ll probably retire the night at one of Vancouver’s vapour lounges probably Marc Emery’s vapour lounge on Hastings Street.  If you’re coming to this event and not too sure what to do after maybe you can also swing by Marc’s lounge. Might probably be packed to the bone but hey, you’ll never know unless you come by and check it out yourself. 420 celebrations nowadays are usually the whole week so some folks actually start celebrations on the Monday before the 20th and go all the way till Sunday. As a result I’ll probably be driving into Seattle Washington after the 20th then finish off having some fun in that great city that also recently decriminalized marijuana.

There is so much to do during the 420 week folks so be sure to check your local areas and figure out how you can spend your 420. That’s all for now folks, just thought I should share my 420 plans. Please don’t forget to keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded. Till next time, take care folks . keep the joint burning and the bongs loaded

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