Decriminalization Vs Legalization 

POTNPOLITICSAs promised folks, I wanted to touch on a topic that expands a little further from the previous Prohibition Trilogy I blogged about over the last 2 weeks. In the marijuana circles these 2 words Decriminalization and Legalization are always used as being similar resulting in the wrong word being used at times. The governments and marijuana activists have not done a lot to make the world aware of what the main difference is, so I decided to use this platform to explain the two terms to all my followers.

Am sure we all at one stage have heard a friend or some misguided anchor on CNN, Fox News or BBC news state that marijuana is now legal in 4 states of the USA and also in Portugal and Netherlands. This is very wrong folks as marijuana still remains very illegal in USA, Portugal and Netherlands. The correct statement would be to emphasize that marijuana is actually decriminalized in these areas and not legalized. For those that are saying Mmmmmmm, don’t worry I’ll explain.  So decriminalized simply means that if you are caught with small quantities of marijuana you won’t be in trouble as the government only permits diminutive amounts. In Amsterdam for example, one cannot be in procession of more than 5gramms of marijuana at a time. If you are caught with more than that amount you will probably get a stiff warring from the authorities or they could right you up a fine. In Amsterdam decriminalization also refers to one being able to plant just 5 plants of pot and anything more than that ,the full wroth of the law will descend upon you mercilessly. Colorado, Alaska, Washington and Oregon all have their decriminalization limits and I will touch on those in another posting. So really decriminalization simply refers to the government not arresting you for small quantities of marijuana and if caught with anything slightly over, all you will get is usually a ticket potnpoliticsunless of cause you are in possession of retail quantities then the slammer is waiting for you. As I write this blog today Marijuana is currently decriminalized in Holland, Portugal, Jamaica and USA- Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Washington State.

Legalization of marijuana on the other hand simply means you can do whatever you want with marijuana and not fear any punishment at all. So if you wanted to grow a farm of cannabis plants, you sure can and no one will bother you. So now you can see there is a very big difference between decriminalization and legalization. To date only one country in the world has legalized marijuana and it’s not Netherlands, Portugal or USA.  Uruguay folks, is the only country in the world today that has fully legalized marijuana.  Whilst other countries like USA are starting to loosen up on marijuana laws, countries like Netherlands that have always been very liberal regarding soft drugs seem to actually be toughening up. Talk about backward moves folks. Yes folks, Netherlands doesn’t issue any more new coffee shop licences. If you want to own a coffee shop in Amsterdam you have to probably buy it from someone else. Good luck finding someone that wants to get rid of a lucrative business. They have also been shutting down coffee shops in Holland. It still is a place where one can go and freely enjoy some pot in freedom but their decriminalization laws seems to be toughening. Surprisingly Uruguay took a very bold step and decided to legalize marijuana. This is a new development folks and I am really looking forward to see how this will impact their economy

When I see countries like Uruguay , I always wonder why some 3rd wold countries can’t follow suit .Why some poor countries in places like Africa fail to wake up and realize if they farmed pot they could make so much money  , really puzzles me folks  . Today legal marijuana growers in the western world, grow marijuana in very expensive greenhouses yet African countries could grow much better weed outdoors under the direct sun and at much cheaper prices, but they are either just too ignorant or just dumb . POTNPOLITICSIn Malawi marijuana is the 3rd largest export for that country yet it actually is illegal. So all the money is rally in the informal sector as the government can’t tax it. The government knows its happening but I guess no one is smart enough to know if they do it professionally loads of money could be in the countries coffers.

That’s all for now folks but you know a new post will be up within 2 days so please visit my blog site again for more marijuana talk and world politics. Please share this post by sharing with your friends and family via the social media boxes below this post. I also have just finished writing a book on marijuana which hits Amazon and other bookstores this summer so please watch out for that. This is a book you definitely want for your bookshelf. 50 of my blog subscribers will get a free signed copy of this book for free so please be sure to subscribe for a shot to win a copy. This will also be shipped to you free of charge no matter which part of the continent you live on. I always like to end by reiterating that there is so much more we all can learn about marijuana so please look into courses offered by a top Marijuana college in Colorado that offers affordable online classes. Please visit them at Green CulturED

Till next time folks, please take care of yourselves. Keep the joint boring and the bongs loaded and ember legalization is around the corner. Am ok with decriminalization as well but am sure some prefer legalization. Cheers folks

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