The Hidden Agenda Behind Marijuana Prohibition Part 3

Trevor ChatikoboWell folks, sure hope you relished the earlier 2 posts on the prohibition trilogy. It’s a topic I feel the world should really know in order to understand and link the events that are related to marijuana laws today. If anyone is catching this part of the trilogy first, here is a brief summery.

Earlier I was writing on why exactly marijuana prohibition was implemented in the USA. The actions of USA on marijuana, led to many other countries following along the same lines, because the USA was/is very influential in implementing policies and national treaties that made it very hard for stoners to blaze in peace. Countries like Japan banned marijuana after the US invasion. The Mexicans who immigrated to USA after the Mexican revolution were really the first group of recreational stoners in the States. This doesn’t mean no other groups smoked pot, it just means it was more evident among Hispanics first. So from about 1901 till today the reasons for keeping prohibition in the USA have shifted a bit, but some similarities can still be witnessed. Today however, a shift is happening. A new movement has arisen and prohibition of marijuana is now close to extinction.

Marijuana had always been available in the USA but for just medicinal purposes. As a matter of fact the majority of the citizens who were against legalization of pot , were actually not aware that most medicines back then contained some sort of marijuana in them  . When the Mexicans introduced it as a recreational drug, all chaos began. Unjust legislations began and hatred towards the new Mexican new comers intensified. Mexican citizens had started moving to the USA after the Mexican revolution. With time marijuana made its way into the African American Community and this only would anger legislators more. Well, some might say why on earth would this really anger folks? The answer is simple folks. They really believed pot was a causer of crime, as crime statistics were higher among minorities.

The 1930s would see a lot of unjust legislation towards marijuana prohibition. During the Great Depression, massive unemployment increased public bitterness and fear of Mexican immigrants and African Americans- intensifying public and governmental concern about the problem of marijuana. This instigated a flurry of research which linked the use of marijuana with ferocity, crime and other socially irregular behaviors, primarily committed by “racially inferior” or underclass communities i.e. Hispanics and Blacks. This was such a big issue because by 1931, about 29 states had banned the use of marijuana or marijuana products completely-as they really believed it was influencing crime.Trevor Chatikobo

Even though crime statistics do support that minorities commit more crime in the USA, no vivid evidence links blazing to crime. Marijuana really has no major impact on those statistics. However, the authorities and the non-pot smoking citizens began assuming that marijuana was directly linked to crime. I mean, to them there was no other logical explanation and to an extent you can kidna understand their concern. Anytime someone is misinformed by a trusting person or organization (Gvt) they will bite into that lie easily. The authorities knew very well they were misleading the public on the effects of marijuana, but they just didn’t care.  Am sure whites also smoked pot in the early 20th century but not to the same extent as the Blacks and Hispanics? If marijuana caused blacks to commit crime, I would have had a very long rap sheet folks, cause I smoke pot like there is no tomorrow. I have no criminal record and have an undergraduate degree. I’ve also never been unemployed for a period longer than 1month ever since I turned 18. The only crime I’ve committed is smoking marijuana without a card but I have a card finally. I have also done a lot of research on pot and have taken multiple courses on it and I can tell you right now marijuana does not make one crazy or a criminal.  There other reasons behind the crime statistics that led to marijuana prohibition and marijuana smoking was surely not one of them.  If you smoked pot then you would know that after smoking a joint you just want to relax, think, smile and be in an imaginary world. Violent crime is not related to smoking pot and neither is stealing. A thief will steal because they are too lazy to get a job or just out of greed. No one ever steals or rapes someone because they’ve smoked marijuana. However in the first half of the 20th century, folks never saw it that way. I don’t really blame folks for thinking that minorities were committing crime due to pot, because they just believed what the government was telling them. Today we see more distrust towards the government largely due to lies they’ve told in the past.

Under the leadership of President Herbert Hoover a Republican from Iowa, the government created The Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) in 1930. The Federal Bureau of Narcotics was an agency of the USA Treasury.  Harry J. Anslinger was appointed its debutant commissioner .Under his watch, the bureau lobbied for harsh insane penalties for drug usage. The FBN is “shamefully” credited for criminalizing cannabis. Its main aim was to fight the use and sale of heroin and opium but somewhere along the line folks, they decided to also attack marijuana.

Today the tides have turned folks. The world has woken up as citizens are now pushing their governments into the corner for marijuana to be legal. We are further now, than we were in 1931, but we are not yet there folks. Marijuana remains very illegal in USA today but some slack has been given to stoners. I will get more into that in the coming week as I speak more on this issue. Some folks assume marijuana is now legal in Colorado, Alaska, Washington and Oregon but they are slightly wrong. You don’t want to miss the upcoming blogs as I explore deeper into this topic folks.  I always want to recommend that folks learn more on the Cannabis plant because I feel it’s a miracle plant that does many wonders and if people understand it more, they will make use of its benefits. For this reason I do recommend that you visit the top marijuana online College in Colorado Green CulturED. These guys have so many courses you can legally take online at very affordable prices folks. These are my trusted affiliate partners. Please check them out by CLICKING HERE

Till next time folks, please take care and have a great weekend. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded folks. Also please remember Marijuana Legalization is just around the corner and it’s as sure as death- ITS GOING TO HAPPEN.