Government In Colorado “Planning” To Cap THC In Recreational Marijuana

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  • March 30, 2016
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high-thc-seeds-banner_1024x1024Just when we thought the government in Colorado had led by a great example by decriminalizing marijuana, another setback seems to be in the cooking folks. When Colorado passed Amendment 64 on November 6, 2012 stoners in the world and other pro marijuana folks were all excited and happy about this great move. After years of unjustified prohibition, this amendment meant folks could not get blazed without fear of being arrested by the police or getting an unwarranted criminal record.  The amendment passed with a margin of about 55%-45% meaning it was indeed very close and it could have very easily gone the other way. This really meant we still had a very large number of anti-marijuana zealots in Colorado who were determined to keep this oppressive law in effect.

As a result I am not at all surprised with the news coming out of Colorado this week. The Colorado legislature folks is on the verge of voting for an amendment that would cap the THC potency of recreational marijuana and cannabis products at a percentage below most of those products’ current averages folks. The average potency (THC Levels) of Colorado marijuana products is already about 17% higher for marijuana flowers and a whopping 62% percent higher for marijuana extracts. The proposed new bill wants to cap the THC Levels to about 16%. This would mean products like shutter and other concentrates would become illegal. Our Republican friends believe we might be in danger of smoking marijuana that’s too potent so they are supposedly “watching out” for us, I guess.   Jeeeeeeze.

Republican state Rep. Kathleen Conti is in support of this bill as she believes more research needs to be done into shielding the brain development of adolescents. The wise folks already know that these new proposed measures are unreasonable and could squeeze some of the legal cannabis industry’s most prevalent categories. Why should they cap the THC levels as they do the research? Your guess is as good as mine folks, they don’t really care –as long as they are pushing their personal political agenda. The Republicans main argument is the fact that all the research that has been done on marijuana has involved strains with THC levels of under 10%. As a result of this they feel they should do research with the hybrid strains that can have THC levels of over 20% at times.  This is something they could have done a long time ago and not wait for 2016, to then take a step backwards. Why should you put a restriction now if u haven’t yet proven that THC levels over 16% are dangerous? It’s not wise or logical to say ok, lets ban it now so we can investigate then make a decision. If a new bill should be brought up for voting, it should only be after we have conducted the research proving and verified that the high THC levels are dangerous.  Why democrats can’t argue that, is just puzzling folks.

As this Amendment would ban recreational cannabis stores from selling “retail marijuana or retail marijuana products” with a THC potency higher than 15%-any violators could face a whopping fine of $100k and could result in the loss of the marijuana licence. This is really going backwards folks. All you will create is another illegal market where drug dealers will sell marijuana with higher THC Levels and really just putting us to where we were before November 2012.  The amendment would also necessitate a distinctive label on marijuana or marijuana products containing more than 10 percent THC, noted, “Warning: The health impacts of marijuana with a THC potency of above 10 percent are unknown.” The amendment would also tighten up the suggested discrepancy that stores would be permissible in potency measurements. Stores would have to be able to precisely report potency within plus or minus 5%.

Folks, I surely hope this amendment does not see the light of Colorado. As we speak I know demonstrations are already being planned and I really doubt this sham of an amendment will pass. In order to qualify for the ballot, the anticipated initiative must get through a sequence of hearings, then proponents must collect 98,492 signatures from registered Colorado voters.  Just thought I should inform you of this folks so please be weary that the fight for full legalization is still going strong, but we will conquer. Legalization of marijuana is as sure as death folks-its gonna happen   . That’s all I have for now, just thought I should share my thoughts with my followers. Please spread the word around folks. Please promote this posting using the social media boxes below this posting. Don’t forget, keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded.

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