Malawi Gold -Africa’s Most Popular Landrace Sativa Strain

Malawi GoldThis week the strain of discussion is, Southern Africa’s most popular landrace strain, Malawi Gold. A landrace strain is simply a strain originating from a particular area and named after the country of its origin. I get high by just mentioning the name.In this case Malawi Gold is a strain originating from Malawi – a southern African country.  This Sativa strain is known to have one of the longest lasting highs a stoner could experience folks. For all those in love with Sativa strains this is one strain you definitely want to light up before you leave this world.  In Malawi and other parts of Africa it’s often referred to as Chamba in the local Chichewa language. In English they have translated Chamba to Malawi Gold because gold is hard to come by and you have to sweat for it  .The demand for this strain in all of Southern Africa is just astonishing folks.Other African countries who speak other languages also refer to their own strains as Chamba, but as you know when something is so good ,anything else that might try to simulate it -would also go by same name. Similar to people in the UK referring to every great strain as Skunk , simply due to its fame. As a result ,other countries like Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia might also refer to other strains they have as Chamba, due to the popularity of the original Malawi Chamba. The World Bank has even referred to Malawi Gold as one of the best and finest marijuana strains in the world folks. It is highly regarded as the most potent psychoactive pure African Sativas. Now if this doesn’t motivate you to wanna light this shit up, I really don’t know what will folks. Though potency is usually directly related to growing conditions—like nutrients, care and post-harvest techniques—genetics also play a large role in the potency . The amalgamation of marijuana psychoactive constituents, is extremely distinctive within varieties, based on how inbred the genetic line is. So the more the farmers practice inbreeding, the more alleviating a set of characteristics will become e.g. THC levels.  I hope the word psychoactive does not sway you away from smoking pot folks. Psychoactive when talking of pot simply means substances (THC) that can alter the consciousness, mood, and thoughts of those who use them.

Inbreeding is simply the isolation of one genetic group, so that some consistency is achieved.  The more skilled farmers in Malawi will actually practice inbreeding whilst the less knowledgeable ones won’t. As a matter of fact some farmers’ don’t even separate the male plants from the female plants resulting in another cause of quality variance. Malawi gold like most Sativas will grow best outdoors under the direct sunlight and the plants can grow 2-3 meters long. With the advancement in technology today some seed companies are actually able to create conditions indoors that will enable the plants to flower indoors.  For more information on indoor growing of marijuana you can always visit my friends at Green CulturED , as they have courses on indoor growing of marijuana at very affordable prices. Dont wait for prices to go up , enroll for online courses NOW.

Malawi Gold Trevor ChatikoboIn Malawi the crop is grown by small scale poor farmers who mostly just grow it on land that is surrounded by hills to prevent detection from the Police, who off cause have nothing better to do than bother people growing pot. Why try destroy a poor farmer’s life , by destroying something that feeds his family. These are the types of activities we hope the civilized world will put an end to very soon folks. In my viwe its a form of terrorism. Destroying someones property that doesnt harm anyone at all.  Some of these farmers have such big plots of marijuana that actually require the whole family to be laborers. Malawi marijuana farmers  get peanuts for the crop, so they can’t really afford to pay anyone to work for them .It’s not uncommon to find little kids as young as 4 years old also doing some sort of activity during the cultivation process. Do that shit here and you’ll end up in the slammer for exposing children to that activity. What do you do though, when you live in such a poor country? Most of the cultivation is actually done by women and children and the man are involved in the marketing and trafficking. I’m not going to judge and I hope you don’t as well. Cultures differ from continent to continent. If the fields are discovered it’s usually the man who does the time in jail. Remember , even those that don’t farm marijuana, also use their kids to help in labor.police destroy Chamba

The farmers also have lots of issues with lazy ass thieves who don’t have the courage to do something to support their own family and choose to rob other framers’ crop. This is a big issues for the Malawi Gold farmers. Some farmers believe if they pay a Witch Doctor , it will help protect their plants but I’m not one to believe in that bomboclat, but as someone  born in Africa I know so many people believe in that black magic crap.  Malawi Gold is cultivated mostly in the northern parts of central and northern parts of the country. The Mzimba District’s  by Likwawa hills and in Nkohotakota district is where the best of the best can be discovered. Malawi Gold is however not one of the prettier looking buds of marijuana you’ll get folks. I’m not one who really cares how my marijuana looks, as I just want it to be satisfying after some hits. I do know though that a lot of stoners are into good looking buds. Well, if you are one of those ,Malawi Gold is not for you. Malawi GoldHowever if you want a really great Sativa strain then Chamba aka Malawi Gold is definitely for you.  Also important to know that this strain has become so popular  in southern Africa and it’s often referred to as the “Cuban Cigar” of weed due to its popularity.  I personally have smoked it about 3 times.  The first strain I ever smoked was Malawi Gold, when I was about 18 years old. Me and my friends shared about half a joint. I didn’t really feel anything at that time maybe because I just took 3 hits or so. HOWEVER, in Amsterdam it was on the menu of a Coffee Shop I visited.  It was a great experience to take a hit of some of that sweet tasting pineapple like taste marijuana. After my first joint I was a little high but just had to get another one to make sure I was really high. Lol.  Those have been my encounters with Malawi Gold strain folks.

Surprisingly it doesn’t really have a big market in Malawi. This is probably due the fact that in that part of the world marijuana smoking is still affiliated with being a sole loser, so mostly just the poor folks smoke it. The elite are embarrassed to be seen smoking it just like here in the industrialized world as well. A very vivid stigma on marijuana still exists in the world but its far worse in 3rd world countries. Surprisingly governments that have failed to provide jobs for their citizens want to blame marijuana for their issues. In Africa Malawi Gold has its biggest market in South Africa. It’s illegally transported to South Africa via road through Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Recently the flower is now making its way to Tanzania and Kenya. Even though marijuana cultivation and selling is illegal in Malawi, Malawi Gold is considered the biggest export in that country. Mmmm! Yes folks ,this was an alarming fact I learnt.Malawi Gold- Trevor Chatikobo Why the government would make it illegal when it’s their largest export, really puzzles me, but hey, that’s Africa for you. Ignorant, useless, old foolish leaders can only help pass pathetic legislation. When being trafficked in Africa , the pot is packed in banana leaves or in maize leaves.

Hope you enjoyed the blog folks and please share this post using the social media boxes below this post. The more people learn about marijuana the more the anti- legalization clowns will open their eyes to the truth. Please visit my trusted  friends at Green CulturED online college in Colorado, for any courses of marijuana you might want to take. Remember the more you know the better you are going to be at making money with weed when its legal, if that’s the path you might want to take. Even if you’re not interested in entering the marijuana business sometime, just some basic knowledge won’t harm you, especially at their low prices. Don’t forgot , keep the joint burning and the bongs loaded. Remember Legalization is as certain as death, its on its way folks  . Cheers

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