The Hidden Agenda Behind Marijuana Prohibition Part 1

gema_02_img0166 The talk of Marijuana Prohibition is one that is very dear to me folks.  The history around the whole prohibition propaganda is what’s very disturbing folks. A lot of folks might just know that marijuana is still very illegal in a lot of our civilized nations, but they never really like to dig deeper into what really brought about this shame of a law. When conversing about marijuana prohibition a lot of activists and critics are usually referring to the USA prohibition stance. The reason for this is because when it comes to marijuana the USA is the one country that seems to have set the precedent in terms of marijuana legislation. Most of the drug treaties in the world today were actually supported heavily and mostly by the USA, which has continued to have an influence. I will touch more on these treaties in the coming weeks. Am in no way bashing the USA as I love that country a lot to the extent of actually considering it my second home  . However, their stance on marijuana prohibition has been very detrimental to the fight for marijuana legalization. Every country has a choice to set its law off cause, so maybe there is no excuse and we should point the figure at just USA. You can make you own judgement on that one. Let me also stray away a bit and also reiterate that most of the marijuana decriminalization and legalization of medical marijuana that is happening in the world today, is also as a result of other nations following suit to the actions of USA. GO USA GO.

Back to the main point of this blog. Major Recreational use of marijuana first came to the USA shortly after the Mexican Revolution just after 1900. Now, I emphasis major, because folks were probably already smoking pot on a recreation level in the USA at that time but it was just not as popular as after the arrival of the Mexicans. As a lot of Mexicans started emigrating into the USA-all in search for a better living, new cultures were brought to the States. Many brought their families but mostly it was middle aged man who came. During this period United States experienced an influx of immigration from Mexico into states like Texas and Louisiana and Arizona. Like most immigrants in any other country, they brought with them, together with their language and culture-marijuana as medication and for recreational use.  Folks, if you have a joint rolled up please light that MF up in appreciation off the new marijuana culture they brought to USA. Many times in life the real marijuana heroes on this war on drugs are often forgotten or never appreciated. Roll a fatty right now and light it up in appreciation or load that bong and ripppp it .These new American residents referred to marijuana as “marihuana”

Americans had been familiar with marijuana but not as much. As early as the late 19th century medical marijuana had been available in a lot of the medicines in America. Now, I don’t know about you folks, but I was shocked when I found out medical marijuana has been around since that time. Shocked, mostly because today we are still fighting for full medical marijuana legalization in about half of the states in America yet this shit has been around for so many years. If marijuana medicine has been around for that long why are we still debating this issue? Either its bad or good .There is a reason to all this folks, a reason why marijuana is still linked to a fake stigma. However for now let’s just stick to the recreational prohibition aspect.

Even though medical marijuana was available in the USA at that time, they were not aware of the word “marihuana” as it was an alien term to them. So, even when the media amplified qualms that the public had about these new citizens the American citizens never realized that this “marihuana” was a plant they already had in their medicine cabinets. The media really managed to fool the public by falsely spreading claims about the “troublesome Mexicans”, who had brought dangerous native behaviors including marihuana use. The power of the media has been around since then folks as you can see. Sadly, the public’s fear were not warranted. The truth was that they were just in fear of fun loving Mexicans who were just enjoying the blaze. The media kept emphasizing that Mexicans were committing crimes after smoking weed.

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