White Widow-(WW)-Indica Dominant Hybrid

White WidowWhether you smoke marijuana or not, White Widow is one of those well know strains that you’ve probably heard about before. This is one of the more prevalent weed strains that is very popular around the world and particularly in Europe. I will never forgot the day I tried this immaculate strain for the first time. It was during a short trip to Amsterdam during the days I had just started smoking pot at a high frequency. This was around  the days I threw the marijuana stigma down the toilet and flushed it away.  I walked into a Coffee Shop right by the outskirts of the Red Light District and asked for some strain that would make me remember the trip. I wanted a strain i would talk about with fellow stoners during a puff puff pass session. With a smile across her face the lady I asked replied, “I have just the right thing for you.”  As I grinded the 2 grams I purchased I could not help but experience the strong earthy, piney smell to the strain. It also has this aromatically, fresh pine cone nags that have a taste similar to fruit and flowers when smoked. Folks, this is one of those strains that will not only take you where you want to go, but it does so very quickly. After a few hits the euphoria kicks in and the imagination begins. My cousin and I sat in that coffee shop as we enjoyed our joints whilst we thought back of the fun we had just had in the famous Red Light District.

White Widow is a marijuana strain developed in The Netherlands by seed breeder known as Shantibaba, who is a seed company owner in Netherlands. White widow is famous for its appearance, mostly its abundance of white trichomes. It is also a high potency strain with THC levels of around 15% even though some critics argue it can go as high as 25%. Due to the fact that different seed banks grow marijuana in different conditions, the levels of THC might tend to vary a bit but if you buy your seeds from a reputable seed company like Sensi Seeds in the Netherlands you shouldn’t worry much about getting quality seeds. Their seeds will produce great marijuana flowers with great THC levels, if that’s what your chasing for. Some medical marijuana users prefer less THC but some just dont care. This strain was presented to the world in 1994 and today its one of those strains that almost all coffee shops in Amsterdam will always carry due to its popularity in that region of the world.

White widow is a Hybrid Indica Dominant strain. It’s a cross pollinated strain between Brazilian Landrace Sativa and a South Indian Indica. A landrace strain is one that is native to its country of origin and usually has a country name to it. A hybrid strain is really just a cross between 2 or more strains to create a new marijuana strain.  White Widow cannabis is a dense plant of medium height. The buds will usually develop a few amber colored hairs, but the outrageous crystalline resin production of this plant has become legendary. The white crystals on the buds is what a lot of smokers find very unique to this strain when it comes to appearance. This strain is also one that seems to have faced a lot of criticism and I think largely due to the ownership of the strain inventor. Some of the famous controversy surrounding white widow is, “who actually created this strain?” I however won’t go into all that politics folks.

White Widow has the potential to be an amazing strain but only if grown in the perfect conditions just like everything else. The challenge the seed companies face is always maintaining consistency within the strains… This strain is recommended for indoor gardening, where water and fertilizer should be administered modestly to avoid mildew and retain the delicious flavors. As many might know, growing marijuana is not like growing corn or greens folks. It’s an easy process but steps have to be followed or else the result will be some shitty strain that will only tarnish the name of the strain. Imagine hearing all the good staff on white widow, then you finally buy some from an inexperienced grower. One might then say bad things about the strain, simply because the stash they bought was from a lollygagger and not a passionate marijuana grower. This is why I always recommend doing everything the right way. This actually starts from buying the quality seeds.  When buying the marijuana seeds I strongly recommend you buy them from my friends at  Sensi Seeds. These guys are a trusted seed company out of the Netherlands and they ship seeds to almost all parts of the world. Just CLICK HERE folks and purchase your high quality seeds at a very reasonable PRICE.

Also remember how you grow your plants is very important in achieving the best out of you plants. To produce the best marijuana flowers, it’s always best to be very familiar with marijuana growing conditions all the way up till cultivation and consumption or selling of your produce. For affordable classes on growing marijuana please also visit my connections in Colorado, Green CulturED. They are the biggest marijuana online school in the world ,who have built a very strong reputation for themselves. They offer online courses on growing weed. Even if you live in a country where you can’t legally grow marijuana, you can still take these course online and they are very legal folks .You don’t want to be one of those slackers folks, who’ll get interested in marijuana education after the bubble is done and the classes are now so expensive. Get ready now folks, prepare yourself on everything you need to know about marijuana and visit my friends at Green CultureD Education . Till next week, when I return with yet another amazing strain, Cheers folks. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded. Remember, legalization is around the corner. Also check out other categories of my blog for my mid week posting on Wednesday at 6pm MST .

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