Folks, another “small” win for Marijuana in USA

new orleansThis week was a great week for marijuana lovers in New Orleans folks.  On March 17, 2016 the City Council City voted 7-0 to endorse new standards aimed at tumbling the number of arrests for low-level drug crime. Municipal Legislation already permitted New Orleans Police Department officers to ticket first-offense possession only, and they still had the option to use the stricter state law that calls for arrests. With this new law one can still get a ticket even on 3RD  OR 4TH offence folks. Now folks,  I know this is still ridiculous that stoners still have to get punished for smoking pot, which is no way near as  detrimental as they want us to believe. It’s still a progressive step folks and gradually we will reach our goal of complete legalization, count my words folks.

It’s also very important that we note that this new law doesn’t necessarily make it legal for you to blaze in New Orleans, it really just diminishes the penalties for possession of trifling quantities of marijuana or Kush as most of us refer to it as. So what could have previously earned you some jail time after a hearing at a New Orleans Criminal Justice Court ,will now only maybe earn you a warning from a wise cop ,or a ticket as low as $40 and max $100 . I had to specify wise cop folks coz I don’t believe any other action is wiser. As a matter of fact one should be left alone for possession of pot. Cases for small marijuana procession will now also be tried in a Municipal court instead.  I still feel this is very unfair to be castigated for enjoying nature folks, but what can you do? This is almost similar to what a lot of other municipalities in the world are doing folks. In Vancouver they have slightly similar laws. It’s highly unlikely one will be taken to jail for smoking pot. As a matter of fact in Vancouver they go even one step further. It’s highly unlikely to get a ticket as well as most cops in that city turn their backs to petty marijuana possessions. Something tells me other Police departments of the world should visit Vancouver to get trained by that police department.   The Vancouver Police might have their issues but I respect them a lot and I appreciate most of their actions when dealing with marijuana. I understand the position of the police and now the pressure comes from the law makers who themselves are stoned half the time but they don’t want to legalize marijuana

This new ordinance in New Orleans requires Mayor Mitch Landrieu signature, in order to become official, and it would take effect 90 days after being signed. Word on the streets is that the mayor supports this move, so I think this was a great vote and soon this law would be in effect. Even though it kicks in 90 days after being signed by the mayor, I believe if a stoner had to be wedged today with a gram of pot they’d  probably get away with it. Police officers are rational folks and I sturdily believe this vote should make them realise what the people of New Orleans want i.e. TO SMOKE WEED FREELY and not cause any trouble.

Council members Susan Guidry and Jason Williams supported the idea as a way to free up police so they can pursue REAL crimes in society and not to bother stoners. This reminds me of a fellow countryman, Steven Payne aka Marijuana Man on YouTube, who previously stalled police for certain paper work. The reason was really so the police wouldn’t have time to go and make marijuana arrests and rather work on his own marijuana charges. One of the true activists and fighters for marijuana legalization, Steven Payne is highly respected amount the marijuana circles.

We have child molesters on the loose folks, rapist, murderers, terrorists so why waste time on marijuana smokers?  I know somewhere in BC ,folks like Marc Emery and Steven Payne are happy with this news from NEW Orleans , even though they would want even better new . Again , I will reiterate it’s a process folks, we will get to full legalization.

I had plans to spend the 420 week in Vancouver this year folks but I think I might just head to New Orleans first before heading to Vancouver. It’s always a prodigious feeling to be in an area where people have some sort of freedom with pot.  Just in conclusion, I would like to thank all those 7 council members who made the right vote and may the marijuana Gods be with you and may they protect you from the evil anti legalization devilish, demonic zealots.

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