Did Vladimir Putin just fold?

PUTINIn October of 2015 the rest of the world was shocked when Russia began its initial air strikes in the distress torn country of Syria. The world had been used to other militaries going into other countries to help out and never had anyone thought that Russia would actually go and try and help out Bashar al-Assad. After a prolonged quagmire in that part of the world Vladimir Putin decided to give a hand. Russia’s intervention was seen as a jab at the USA, who was actually supporting the rebels that were combating the forces of Bashar AL-Assad. President Vladimir Putin according to me went into Syria for this very reason.

A cold war had flared up between Russia and USA after Russian loyalists took over parts of Ukraine. The USA was not too chaffed about Russia’s intrusion, but Putin just didn’t give a damn what anyone thought.  The western world was not too happy with Putin’s action and as a result Russia was excluded from the G8 summit. This undoubtedly aggravated Vladimir Putin as he seems to be a leader who doesn’t want to be told what’s right or what’s wrong. As the west kept piling sanctions on Russia Mr. Putin was planning on how to hit back. Without consulting anyone else or the UN Security Council ,Russia decided to initially send its war planes to go and assist Bashar al-Assad crush the ISIS terrorist thugs. Russia’s impact was felt by ISIS as more bombings started to thwart the malevolent plans that ISIS had planned. With time the Russians even took a few ground troops into the region.

All along, Vladimir Putin contended that they were in Syria to help Bashar al-Assad defeat the terrorist and to empower the Syrian people to vote for whom they wanted to be in authority.  Why then has Russia suddenly announced a pullout from Syria with the war still going on? Pundits and analysts will give you multiple explanations to this folks, but the answer is very simple.  Firstly before I tell you why, I just want to bring up some important facts of this war. Like I mentioned earlier as the USA was against Bashar al-Assad, they were supporting anyone who wanted Bashar al-Assad gone and this included ISIS folks. On the other hand Russia’s intervention in supporting Bashar al-Assad would mean that the USA and Russia were on opposite sides. For this reason, that’s why you had Turkey a less known USA ally deliberately shoot a Russian fighter jet. The Turks claimed it was in their airspace but Russians deny this. When that plane was shot down 2 fighter pilots had to eject from the plane and were shot by ISIS thugs as they were landing with their parachutes. Some critics believe the shooting of this plane was a poke at Russia and provocation for them to react and hence start another war. Vladimir Putin didn’t buy this and he pretty much didn’t retaliate besides sending more navy equipment toward Turkey but never too close to start anything.  With time the USA and Russia would then start talks on how to cove forward as both their contributions were affecting each other’s progress.   This was never going to be a war Russia would win unless they nuked the whole country. The USA had not gone into Syria because they knew it would be another long presence in the region just like Afghanistan and Iraq.

Vladimir Putin probably had this all planned from the beginning. He knew very well they were not going to be in Syria for a long time. He just wanted to flex his muscles and show the world that he and Russia were not afraid of anyone. So, did Putin fold? I don’t think he folded. He left Syria because he realized Russia wouldn’t win or lose. He also  left Syria at this time because that’s just exactly what he had planned all along. Am sure even the Americans knew he would eventually leave but they just didn’t think it would be this soon. On the 14th of March 2016 the Russians began withdrawing. Was this short mission actually worth it then after all? To Russia I think it was worth it and am sure they feel honored on their achievements (Defy the USA).  Even though they never really achieved much am sure that’s just how they had planned the whole thing. For USA, especially Barack Obama, Russian intervention in Syria could also be a good thing. I say this because Russia went in and didn’t achieve much gain in Syria and all the minimal gain they achieved will probably be lost again ,now that they are leaving.  As a result The American’s who were supporting for the American troops to go into Syria, can now see that fighting militia is a little complicated and we should all probably let the middle East handle its own issues.  If they want to behave like savages then let them go at it  . Who are we to tell them what civility is? Eventually they will come around . I mean who would have thought in 2016 we will still have people chopping heads off?

So as Russia withdraws from Syria folks, just remember this was really USA vs Russia. I don’t think Putin folded but he definitely did not achieve much in Syria. For the sake of peace and harmony I just hope peace finds it’s self again in that region and I hope everyone just smokes a joint and calms down and avoids all this fighting folks.

Cheers folks. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded.

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