Girl Scout Cookies- (GSC) – Sativa Dorminant Hybrid

  • By Trevor
  • March 13, 2016
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Girl Scout CookiesThis week folks our Strain of the week is Girl Scout Cookies aka GSC . As I write this blog right now, I have a couple of joints rolled up in this strain.  Famous worldwide but more popular in North America this is a very popular Sativa Dominate Hybrid strain.

 I first learnt of this strain through a Vice Documentary on marijuana that I was watching. The name its self just made me hunger to try this strain out. I, like a lot of other stoners out there, will agree that a name to a strain can very well lead one to adding that strain onto their bucket list. In Canada’s British Columbia province it’s not too hard to find a strain of GSC in one of the many dispensaries in that province. During my last visit to Colorado this strain was also very prevalent and easily available. However, there seems to be a lot of GSC strains out there, so be wary of counterfeit marijuana sellers who might sell you something else as GSC when actually it’s a possible cheap fake. Some of these uncouth deception could be deliberate, but some is actually the seller not aware that they have a replica product. When you however-have a palate for marijuana like myself you you’ll be able to tell if it’s original. So even though your dealer or dispensary might have Girl Scout Cookies on the menu, the chances are very minimal that it actually is Girl Scout Cookies. The original GSC strain was actually created by a team known as The Cookie Family, who are from California, somewhere near San Francisco. It is believed that it’s actually a hybrid cross between OG Kush, Durban Poison and a 3rd strain known as F1 formula. Due the fact that no one really knows what the 3rd strain is, folks have often referred to it as FI. As a result the majority of GSC copycats out there have made the 3rd strain whatever they want and still kept the name GSC.  For these reasons we are now prone to multiple fake strains. The Cookie Family has done a great job in keeping it a secret as to what exactly that 3rd strain is. To me this is one of the better 3 way cross strains out there. A winner of multiple Cannabis Cups it’s surely one of the more popular strains out there. Its popularity however has resulted in a lot of imitations which might eventually ruin its name.

Rappers like Wiz khalifa and 2 Chainz always seem to brag about how much Girl Scout Cookies they smoke. At about 20% TCH it’s not really a strain recommended for new smokers. This high “potency” of 20%TCH and about 5% CBD is a great attracting magnet to the strain. Let me also clarify that by potency I simple mean the amount of THC folks. Marijuana is not potent at all. Most of the smokers nowadays are strictly just chasing that strain with higher THC levels.  Don’t be surprised to get folks who just name any strain with high TCH, Girl Scout Cookies. It’s surely one of the more popular Sativa dominant hybrids out there. The scent is flowery, piney and sweet. When you smoke this strain for the first time, take you time as the high starts kicking in after just a few hits even for a veteran like myself.  This strain like other popular Sativa dominant strains will provide a cerebral sativa high.

I’ll be posting another blog on GSC mid-week so be sure to check this space out for details. Also have more postings in the other categories of this blog so please be sure to visit back and also share your thoughts. For those authorized to grow or those who would like to take up growing you can always but some seeds through These folks can ship you marijuana seeds almost anywhere in the world, so please check out their website. These are my good friends from Canada folks and i guarantee you they have top quality seeds. Please also share this blog post with your friends and family on Social media by just using the icons right below this post. Share also with those you hate as smoking weed could change them .Lol . Take care folks and till next time please be safe and happy smoking and even greater times. Keep the joints burning and the bongs loaded .


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