Why Marijuana history is important .

Farmers like him have come a long way

Farmers like him have come a long way

A good day to you all and hope you’re sure doing well where ever u might be today. I actually hope you’re all high as hell and enjoying some strain of good weed . Since this is the first posting in this category of my blog ,I’ll just take a little bit of your precious time and bring to your attention what this category is really going to be about. Here folks, I’ll blog on some historical events that I feel our great marijuana community needs to be made aware off.  As you might know, the struggle for decriminalisation and legalisation has come a very long way and the history behind it should be something we all cherish. A lot was done before our generation for us to be where we are today. Continuing with the fight for legalisation should be every stoner’s responsibility. Don’t let others fight for you, lend in a hand when ever and where ever you can.  I’ll also blog on setbacks that were encountered and what could have possibly been done differently. Posting in this category should eventually be done at least 3 times a week by the end of 2016.

The talk of marijuana is one we hear more often on the nightly news today. There was a time it was such a taboo to even just chatter about pot, but the world is slowly waking up. A lot of research over the years has led to a wider acceptance rate, but we still have some bigots who want to refuse the facts and just continue to hate. Cool aid drinkers are still trying to stop legalisation of marijuana folks.  Let me also reiterate here that by cool aide drinkers I mean those that refuse to accept the facts ,even as they lay right in front of their eyes.  On this blog with you help let’s help expose all the cool aide drinkers and do our best to hammer the facts into their thick sculls.   I used to be one of these cool aide drinkers folks, but as you can see now ,the tides have changed. I feel it is my responsibility to use this platform to try and spread the word and educate delusional folks on some of the greatest things the miracle plant marijuana ,can do in our societies. Would also like to encourage those who are of adult age to at least try it once before they leave this world. Here i will tell you all the facts and state our sources, so we don’t scare the adults who might be thinking of smoking but are a little hesitant. I’ve been blessed to live in a great country like Canada where I I can smoke in peace as long as I follow the laws.  Sadly today we still have countries that are still enforcing extreme and severe punishment on those that are convicted of smoking, selling or growing pot. In some corners of the word, folks are being lashed for smoking pot. Yes, FOLKS LASHED, and I literally mean it. Get busted with pot in places like Malaysia, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia and some very primitive methods of discipline will be applied upon ur ass. They’re happy to wound and scar ur butt chicks just for smoking weed .In countries  like the Philippines, one could get as many as 5years for smoking pot.

This never makes any sense considering that no proven aggressive behaviour is linked to marijuana. Smoking marijuana doesn’t affect anyone else really ,but we have many tyrannical laws when it comes to the smoking of marijuana. So the next time you here about a marijuana march please remember fellow stoners who are still deprived the opportunity to get blazed. Others fought for the progress we have now so please let’s keep the struggle moving forward.    Attend these marches and demonstrations folks and play your part. Legends like Marc Emery were targeted for their strong activism roles in society. Dont be afraid to fight or stand up for what you believe is right .