Government In Colorado “Planning” To Cap THC In Recreational Marijuana

  • By Trevor
  • March 30, 2016
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Just when we thought the government in Colorado had led by a great example by decriminalizing marijuana, another setback seems to be in the cooking folks. When Colorado passed Amendment … Continue Reading →

The Time I Was Ripped Off In Amsterdam

Well, am sure many stoners have been ripped off by their dealer or friend at least once during their smoking life span. As for me folks, it’s happened a lot … Continue Reading →

Malawi Gold -Africa’s Most Popular Landrace Sativa Strain

This week the strain of discussion is, Southern Africa’s most popular landrace strain, Malawi Gold. A landrace strain is simply a strain originating from a particular area and named after … Continue Reading →

The Hidden Agenda Behind Marijuana Prohibition Part 2

I Know you were all eager for the part 2 to this, so here we go folks  . Mexican immigrants were already demonized, so this “marihuana” could have just been … Continue Reading →

The Hidden Agenda Behind Marijuana Prohibition Part 1

The talk of Marijuana Prohibition is one that is very dear to me folks.  The history around the whole prohibition propaganda is what’s very disturbing folks. A lot of folks … Continue Reading →

Former Toronto Mayor dead at age 46.

On yet another sad note today folks, former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has died at the age of 46. Mayor Ford had been battling cancer for a while. Probably most … Continue Reading →

ISIS inspired terrorists strike Europe again , this time in Belgium .

As many of you might be aware the Islamic Terrorists have struck again folks. Word just coming out of Belgium  is that close to 30 folks are dead and more … Continue Reading →

White Widow-(WW)-Indica Dominant Hybrid

Whether you smoke marijuana or not, White Widow is one of those well know strains that you’ve probably heard about before. This is one of the more prevalent weed strains … Continue Reading →

Pennsylvania becomes 26th State to legalize Medical Marijuana

Happy weekend fellow stoners. Surely hope you’ all enjoying the miracle plant this weekend. This last week had some trivial wins in this War against Marijuana folks. New Orleans had … Continue Reading →

Folks, another “small” win for Marijuana in USA

This week was a great week for marijuana lovers in New Orleans folks.  On March 17, 2016 the City Council City voted 7-0 to endorse new standards aimed at tumbling … Continue Reading →

Did Vladimir Putin just fold?

In October of 2015 the rest of the world was shocked when Russia began its initial air strikes in the distress torn country of Syria. The world had been used … Continue Reading →

Girl Scout Cookies- (GSC) – Sativa Dorminant Hybrid

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  • March 13, 2016
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This week folks our Strain of the week is Girl Scout Cookies aka GSC . As I write this blog right now, I have a couple of joints rolled up … Continue Reading →

Are you ready for an online Marijuana College designation ?

A warm welcome to you and thanks for taking the time to read this blog posting.  As the marijuana bubble continues to do wonders a lot of folks out there … Continue Reading →

Strain of the week Introduction

A warm welcome to you once again, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. This strain of the week section section is one that will get a blog posted … Continue Reading →

Why Marijuana history is important .

A good day to you all and hope you’re sure doing well where ever u might be today. I actually hope you’re all high as hell and enjoying some strain … Continue Reading →